The paint is not drying.

Drying time is directly affected by ambient conditions (temperature - humidity). Please consult the relevant drying and recoat interval tables. Also, paint thinning must be done with the appropriate solvent on the recommended quantity. When using 2 component paints always mix correctly and follow manufacturer instructions.



Excessive paint thinning causes runs on the application surface. Sand and repaint.


Wrinkled paint.

Extremely high Wet Film Thickness or application under extreme weather conditions. Remove paint, clean surface and repaint.


Is it possible to change the shade of the antifouling?

Adding colorants or pigments alternate the antifouling properties thus resulting to poor performance.


Can I apply hard antifouling over soft antifouling?

It is important to remove all existing soft antifouling as it might cause cracking on the surface of hard antifouling.


Is Eumaria Antifouling compatible with existing antifouling?

The Eumaria antifouling range is compatible with most antifouling of the same chemical composition in the market. However it is highly recommended to remove the old antifouling and apply at least a primer coat of Eumaria Vinyl Primer prior of any antifouling application.


Can I apply any antifouling paint available in the market?

All antifouling paints available in the Greek market must be licensed by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food. The Authorization Number must be written on any product label, not only for the manufactured products but also for the imported ones.


Can I apply Eumaria antifouling paint and travel around the globe?

Eumaria antifouling have been submitted to extensive and thorough performance tests and comply with all international environmental restrictions. They are subject to Type Approval from Lloyds Register.


How much antifouling do I need?

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