The recent oil spill in the Argosaronic Gulf and its effects on the hulls of boats and ships



The recent oil spill in the Argosaronic Gulf, caused by the tanker “Agia Zona II”, has serious consequences for tourism, beaches, beachside establishments, fishing, etc., and impacts the local economy of the areas affected.
It has also created problems for boat owners as it directly affects the hulls, both aesthetically and functionally.

Unfortunately, oil penetrates into antifouling paints reducing their effectiveness and gradually progresses to the epoxy primer layers (or even the gel coat of polyester vessels). Now is the time, more than ever, for us to take care of the boats that are sailing in this area.




For boats and ships whose hulls have been affected by the oil slick, it is recommended to:
-  Dry dock the boat as soon as possible.

- Wear protective clothing designed for single use and follow all the guidelines that guarantee personal safety (mask, glasses, gloves etc.).

- Remove the film created by the oil spill with the use of a spatula and piece of cloth, making sure that all waste and contaminated cloth is colleced in plastic bags at the end.

- Thoroughly wipe down the surface with eumaria Thinner 100, making sure that  all waste and contaminated cloth is collected in plastic bags at the end.

- Sand down the surface until is fully cleaned, with particular emphasis on the water-line and the area that extends  30-40 cm below it.

- Apply new coats of eumaria Antifouling and eumaria Primers depending on the extent of the problem.




If the contaminated surface is not thoroughly cleaned, the oil residue will cause adhesion problems in any primer or antifouling applied. At the same time, antifouling activity will be reduced due to the fact that oil inhibits the leaching of antifouling biocides.
Vessels exposed to this  pollution for more than 2 weeks, and without proper anti-corrosive or anti-osmosis protection, will be especially affected. In these cases, it is preferable  to completely strip all old antifouling paints and primers using eumaria Paint Remover,right down to the last layer of primer and/or the gel coat (for polyester vessels)


For further advice or any clarifications you may require,  you can contact the eumaria Customer Service department via  e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and by calling 801 1000 800.



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